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For those of you that do not know what a footbag is, it is a game played using only the feet. The object is to keep the footbag in the air using a series of kicks. That is the simplest explanation of the sport but, it goes much deeper allowing tricks that defy gravity and seem to even break a few physics rules.
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Russell Footbags are constructed of the finest materials used in the sport of footbag today. The bags are cross stitched to prevent leaks and the synthetic suede material gives the look and feel of suede without the associated cost . What you get is a durable footbag at one of the lowest prices on the planet to date. Our Bags are available in a variety of stitch patterns ranging from a standard 4 panel to a 32 panel soccer ball pattern. All are filled with small (round) plastic pellets that help to maintain the integrity of the bags shape.